In-Home & Community Services

Attendant Care

Center Based Services

Day Treatment Training
Adult & Children (DTA/DTT/DTS)

Developmental Homes

Providing loving family environments
for adults and children

Attendant Care: This service provides a certified and trained attendant to assist a person to attain or maintain safe living conditions and/or maintain personal cleanliness and activities of daily living.

Habilitation: This service uses a variety of methods designed to maximize the person’s abilities. It may include, habilitative therapies, special development skill instruction, behavior intervention or sensory-motor development. It may occur at the persons home, community setting or residential setting.
Day Treatment and Training: This services provides supervision to increase self-care, communication and social relationships. Therapeutic activities are planned to promote skill development and independent living.

Respite: This service provides a certified and trained person to supervise and care for a person in order to relieve caregivers so they can go to a movie, out to dinner, take a vacation, or even a nap.