Community Donations

Gym Equipment: Guthrie Mainstream Services is looking for gently used gym equipment to replace/upgrade our current gyms. If you have any equipment you are planning to get rid of, please contact Joey Higgins at or 480.633.8881.

Garden Supplies: Our DTA Garden Club would love some assistance collecting supplies to use to help our gardens grow. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be dropped off at any GMS location.

Here is a list of supplies we can use:

Old laundry baskets (dollar store)

Seeds (flower, fruits, herbs & vegetables)

Plant bulbs (flowers and root vegetables)

Food containers (butter, yogurt, etc.)

All-purpose fertilizer

Grow bags (assorted sizes)

3 or 5 gallon buckets

4 to 6 inch terracotta flower pots

Laundry detergent bottles (rinsed out)

Soup  or vegetable cans (washed out)

Milk/juice jugs (rinsed out)

Unscented Epsom salt

Coconut coir


Peat moss


Worm casting

Blood meal

Bone meal

Diatomaceous Earth

Fish fertilizer

2-liter bottles (empty)

Potting soil